Sonata Arctica

Mary Lou (Acoustic)

Sonata Arctica

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Mary Lou (Acoustic)

	  		Afinação: meio tom abaixo 
Intro: D9 Dm 
Dm                             F             Bb       C 
Mamas put your babies to sleep, story too cruelsome for 
          Bb C    Dm                                       F    Bb              C 
them this is. In Junior high she said goodbye to her parents and ran 
                    Bb C   Gm                F           C             Dm     Gm          F 
away with a boy. She left her family warm and kind, all of her friends said 
  C                              Dm        C                                           Dm 
"you're out of your mind". Life of her own she would find,  
C                                                Bb C 
it's monday and she's gotta grind. 
Dm                                       F                   Bb      C 
A Job as a waitress she sure was to find, beautiful face, 
Bb               C      Dm                                  F                  Bb      C 
mind of a child. Boy got her pregnant, Mary-Lou cried," For this I am 
                                   Bb         C     Gm                     F               C        Dm       Gm 
too young oh why did you lie" You said "it's okay if we do it today", I was 
         F                        C               Dm         C                                             Dm 
so scared that you would go away. "Despite all the papers been signed,  
C                                           A 
mama take me back be so kind". 
Dm         C                             F                         Bb 
Only a child, reckless and wild, needs to come 
                       Dm                          C                         Bb     F       C 
home again. He promised the moon but won't marry you.  
Dm                C                     F                         Bb 
Nothing to do, eating for two, he's goin' out with 
              C  Dm                         C                        Bb                    F 
someone new. Sunshine or rain, it's all the same, life isn't gray 
           Dm       D9 
oh Mary-Lou. 
Dm                            F                  Bb     C          
Mamas do your children still sleep, in the safe of their 
Bb              C           Dm                        F           Bb       C 
cradles so sweet. Story I told you I have forseen, Your little angel ain't 
Bb              C          Gm         F         C                  Dm      Gm         F             C 
always so clean. Days to come aren't easy to see, You can change 'em but 
            Dm    C                               Dm             A                         Bb C 
it isn't free. I see that you don't believe, ooo-oo, but you will see. 


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