Solomon Burke

Goodbye Baby (baby Goodbye)

Solomon Burke

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Goodbye Baby (baby Goodbye)

Intro: C
 F       Bb    C    Dm7 F 
(Goodbye baby, baby goodbye) 

F             Bb F     Bb    Gm7 F 
Goodbye baby, so long, girl, I   know you ain't  
                      G                    C 
gonna like it but I'm steppin? out of your world. 
         F                          Bb       F 
But, I'm comin? to your party and I won't be able  
to stay. 
               F                            Bb 
But, I'm gonna kiss you (kiss you) one more time, 
C               F     
then I'm going away, come on, sing it to me. 
 F       Bb    C        F 
(Goodbye baby, baby goodbye) 

F                       Bb               F  Bb Gm7 F 
Oh, you made me lonely, yes, you made me hurt. 
F                             G          C 
Like a fool, I gave ya candy, you fed me dirt, yeah. 
        F                     Bb 
But I'm comin? to your party, just before the break  

of day. 
          F                                  C 
I'm gonna touch ya (touch ya) one more time, then  
I'm goin? away..sing it to me again. 
 F       Bb    C        F 
(Goodbye baby, baby goodbye) 

F                        Bb 
I see that train comin?, down the long and lonesome  
track, girl, ya know I gotta to go home, now.  
G                                                C 
Deep down in your heart you know that I'm comin? back. 
And I'm gonna look for you at that party, 
cause all the time I know, I'll find you there. 
And listen, I'm gonna dance (dance) with you, one more  
C                 F 
time, oh, oh, oh, yeah..sing it to me, now. 

 F       Bb                              C 
(Goodbye baby) makes you wanna sing, sometimes. 
          F                               Bb 
(Baby goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, baby)..and  
 sometimes, it makes you wanna cry..(Fade.) 

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