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True Love Chords


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by reggaerootsraiz

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True Love

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Riff 1 E|----------10----------------------------------| B|------------10-------------9-10---------------| G|-------11-----11---------11-------------------| D|-----12----------12----11---------------------| A|---12----------------9------------------------| E|-12-------------------------------------------| E|-----9-----------------------------------------| B|-----9--------------------10--9----------------| G|-----9-----------------9--9---9----------------| D|---------------------9-------------------------| A|--9----------------7---------------------------| E|--------9--12--9-------------------------------| Riff 2 E|-------------------------------------------------| B|-2h3--3-7--9h10~--10h9-7-~9--10h9--7-5--10--9----| G|----------------------------------------9---9----| D|-------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------| (2x)
(D F#m C#m E) Obs.:A musica toda é tocada nessas notas. Just like the land that bear the name Africa, Love is on my mind. It's for everyone no matter where you're from, Love, it cross all lines. Like the feeling of all the seasons changing, Love is a memory And in these last days, when iniquity blazing, Truth Love Speaks. I need true love Do you know what you mean to me (True love) Does it show as I live and I breath (True love) In the valley of the shadow, I know you'll be. (True love) I defense, I conquer death And I conquer the enemy (envy). What is love really if it only affects, one aspect of life? That's like a musician who only accepts, his own musical type. That's like a preacher who only respects sunday morning, and not saturday night That's how a soldier can come to reflect, that Love is more than a man and a wife. Refrão In a time of plenty, Jah gonna keep I strong. Things get how and I keep cool, yeah, Jah gonna keep me strong. When I n' I cup is empty, Jah gonna keep I strong. When I n' I cup is full, yeah, Jah keep I from their temptation.

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