Social Distortion

Charmed Life

Social Distortion



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Charmed Life

	  		(intro) Cm   Ab     Bb     Cm   Ab     Bb 

Cm                Ab            Bb 
Some say it's the strong who survive 
Cm          Ab                    Bb 
Sometimes I wonder if there's any truth to that at all 
          Cm                 Ab        Bb 
I've been lucky and that's a fact in a crazy world 
Cm           Ab      Bb 
  I've led a charmed life 

I know judges and I know priests 
I know gangsters, bad cops and lawyers too 
But I don't need none of them to sing this song 
I've led a charmed life 

Cm      Ab       Bb 
No this ain't no hard luck story 
         Cm  Ab         Bb 
Some have had better and some have had worse 
      Cm    Ab         Bb 
Then again until you've walked my way 
              Cm       Ab    Bb 
You'd have to say I've led a charmed life 

Charmed life   Yeahiyeah, yeahiyeah 

I'm not so scared of dying 
I've got my health , my friends and family too 
I'm just afraid of living and not being sure 
I've led a charmed life 

No this ain't no hard luck story... 

Eb                 Bb                       Fm 
When the dice come tumbling down I'll be waiting 
   Gm                     Eb 
to see what luck comes my way 
                   Bb                    Fm 
When the cards get passed around I'll be waiting 
   Gm                     Eb 
to see what hand I should play 
I believe it's neither wrong or right 
   Fm                       Gm 
to cross that line from the dark to the light 
      Eb               Bb                     Fm 
And I say "Even in the worst of times against all odds, 
  Gm                         Cm      Ab   Bb 
I seem to have led a charmed life" 


Charmed life... 
Charmed life... 

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