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Outdoor Type Chords


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Outdoor Type

	  Found in "Mo Pmontang" LP, "Impractical Joke" EP, 
"Outdoor Type" EP  
& covered by the Lemonheads on "Car Button Cloth" LP 
Tabbed by Jasper Lee  
Corrected by Jasper Lee  
The beginning of the verse is a strummed D, but if 
you're playing acoustically  
by yourself adding a Bm makes it sound less monotonous. 
Made a boo boo with two of the chords. Here are the  
Verse 1 
Always had a roof above me 
Always paid the rent. 
D	    (Bm)	 
I never set foot inside a tent. 
G		  A	  D	  Bm 
Couldn't build a fire to save my life 
G	      A		G	D	 
I lied about being the outdoor type 
Verse 2 
I never slept out underneath the stars 
the closest that i come to that was one time my car, 
broke down for an hour in the suburbs at night 
I lied about being the outdoor type 
F#m	      G	 
To scared to let you know  
I knew what you've been looking for 
F#m		G 
I lied until I fit the bill  
God bless the great indoors 
G	     A		D	Bm 
I lied about being the outdoor type, 
      G							A	 
I've never owned a sleeping bag let alone a mountain 
Verse 3 
I can't go away with you on a rock climbing weekend 
what if something's on TV and its never shown again 
it's just as well I'm not invited I'm afraid of heights 
I lied about being the outdoor type 
G		  A		    D		  Bm	 
Never learned to swim can't grow a beard or even fight 
G		A	G   A	D 
I lied about being the outdoor type. 


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