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The Love I Meant To Say

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The Love I Meant To Say

Capo on 4th fret

D      A                  Bm 
Over, I can't believe it's over 

G                      D 
I can't believe the love I lived 

Em                  A7 A9  
To show some other day 

D      A                       Bm 
Listen, I hope that you can hear me 

G                Em 
As I kneel down and pray 

A                         D 
With the love I meant to say 

D      A                  Bm 
Shadows, you took away the shadows 

G                           D 
Before your life was black and white 

Em                         A7 A9  
Though tonight the room's gone gray 

D      A                       Bm 
Golden, all the love you gave was golden 

G                Em 
Golden, I would gladly pay, 

A                         D 
To show the love I meant to say 

     G                          Em                            
Oh, music you made me hear, such music 

Without you hear to guide me, 

Em                        A   A9  A 
I feel as though I'll fly away 

D         A                     Bm 
Sorry, that's the word I want to sing to you 

G                Em 
The other word is Stay 
A                          D    A7     D 
To hear the love I meant to say 

It's not perfect... but i tried to make a quickly one xD 

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