Slim Whitman

Indian Love Call Chords

Slim Whitman

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by deivcavalcanti

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Indian Love Call


Intro: (yodelled a capella) 
(All over D) 
Ooo  ooo  ooo  ooo  ooo  ooo  

                   G   A7 D 
When I'm calling y-ou  oo  oo 
                  G    A7 D 
Will you answer too -oo  oo  
                  D7                G             G7 
That means I offer my love to you to be your own 

                                   D                A7 
If you refuse me I will be blue and waiting all alone 
                        G          A7         D 
But if when you hear my love call ringing clear 
G     A7    D 
Ooo   ooo   ooo   
                 D7        G 
And I hear your answering echo so dear 
D           G 
Ooo   ooo   ooo 

Then I will know our love will come true 
                   G    A7       D 
You'll belong to me I'll belong to you 
                    G    A7        D   
You'll belong to me I'll belong to you - oooooooooooo! 

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