Slim Dusty

Born To Be A Rolling Stone

Slim Dusty

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Born To Be A Rolling Stone

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For E e|---0---0-| B|---0---0-| G|---1---1-| D|---2-2---| A|---2-----| E|-0-------| For A e|---0---0-| B|---2---2-| G|---2---2-| D|---2-2---| A|-0-------| E|---------| For B7 e|---2---2-| B|---0---0-| G|---2---2-| D|---1---1-| A|-2-------| E|-----2---| For F# e|---2---2-| B|---2---2-| G|---3---3-| D|-4-----4-| A|-----4---| E|---------|
Intro: B7 E verse 1 E F# As the years roll on I tramp along beside them, B7 E never have no cares so never need to hide them. A F# From the sunny north down to the south I roam, B7 E For I guess that I was born a rolling stone. verse 2 F# Sometimes I settle down and the road forgets me, B7 E Then the wanderlust comes on and soon upsets me, A F# So I down tools and I just leave work alone, B7 E For I guess that I was born a rolling stone.
B7 A E My mates are far and many as I tramp through out the years, A E F# B7 Some are rich and some are poor but o'er a glass of beer, E F# They're all decent blokes who share a joke with no distinction shown, B7 E And they're the mates of this old rolling stone. E yeah, I just take it easy you know.
Instrumental (Following the chord structure of the verses) verse 3 E F# How my life has changed, to me it seems like magic, B7 E From what I used to be, some say it's tragic, (Ha ha) A F# Oh but that's a story better left alone, B7 E For I guess that I was born a rolling stone. verse 4 E F# So when I'm on the track and camped beside the highway, B7 E Just a-lazing back a-gazing at God's skyway, A F# Will my footsteps ever reach that golden throne, B7 E Will they ever welcome in this rolling stone
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Outro e|---0---0------0-| B|---0---2-----0--| G|---1---2----1---| D|---2---2---2----| A|---2-0----2-----| E|-0-------0------| stone..........

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