Slaves of Society

Is This Love

Slaves of Society

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Is This Love

	  		(E ) (A) (D) (E) (Em) (E) 
Is this love? 
Is this the feeling? 
That I never want you to leave, 
     D                            E 
Making me feel so complete. 
This feeling of your love, 
 D                           A 
Making me feel so loved. 
        A                             D 
Making me feel like I?m flying, 
   D                          E 
This indescribable feeling. 
D                                               A 
Like I never want to leave your arms, 
D                                                           A 
Like I never want to stop kissing your lips, 
D                                                    A 
Never laugh with another person again, 
D                                     A            E 
When I?m gone you?re the one I miss. 
(D) (A) (D) (A) (D) (A) (E) (A) (A) (D) (G) (G) (E) 
Is this the feeling? 
    D                 E 
Of two souls connecting 
     A                          D 
The feeling in your stomach, 
     D                         A       E 
When you see that person there. 
      A                                             D 
This unsureness of what love feels like, 
 D                                            E 
Makes me love you more?and?more 
D                             E 
So when I feel your touch, 
D                               E 
The softness of your lips. 
D                             E 
I know that we will be, 
E                      A                               A? 
Together in happiness. 


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