Reasons For Gaby


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Reasons For Gaby


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A G#sus Em6 F#7 F#m E E|-----|-----|-----|-----|--2--|-----| B|--5--|--5--|--5--|--5--|--2--|-----| G|--6--|--6--|--6--|--6--|--2--|--3--| D|--7--|--6--|--5--|--4--|--4--|--2--| A|-----|-----|-----|-----|--4--|--2--| E|-----|-----|-----|-----|--2--|-----|
(Intro) Guitar I A G#sus Em6 F#7 Guitar 2 e|-5--5-7-9-7--55-7-9-5--55-7-9-10-9-7-5-7--4h5-| (Verse I) A G#sus Some people cry. Em6 F#7 Some people stay up all night A G#sus Em6 just thinking about life. F#7 It's just a way to move on. A G#sus Em6 F#7 (Verse II) A G#sus Some people hide Em6 F#7 behind a smile, A G#sus Em6 and you can't even tell it's a lie. F#7 It's just a way to move on (Pre-Chorus) F#m E But there's always a way to look up, F#m E and there's always a way to cheer up. (Chorus) A 'Cause we all have those days, G#sus and we all have those nights, Em6 F#7 but we all have a reason to shine bright. A 'Cause we all have a friend G#sus(stop) Em6 F#7 who can stop the time, F#m E and who can draw a real smile back in our lives. Intro x2 Pre-Chorus Chorus Intro (Outro) A(fade)

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