Sky Ferreira


Sky Ferreira

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Capo on 1st fret

Am9 - Fmaj7 - Dmadd9 - Dmadd9 

You were just a boy 
     With an appetite 
      Hate it when you leave stains in my bed 
I know I should've read 
     All the warning signs 
      But I fell for all your white lies again 

Am9                Fmaj7 
Nothing you do, no nothing you say 
Is gonna take the damage away 
    Am9                Fmaj7 
Oh, nothing you do, no nothing you say 
Is gonna take the bruises away 

Am9 You've bit bit bitten off Fmaj7 You've bit bit bit bitten off Dmadd9 More than you can chew, I I'm getting rid of you Am9 I I'm get get get getting rid of Fmaj7 Dmadd9 Am9 Get get get getting rid of traces of traces, the traces, the traces of you
INTRO VERSE II Am9 Fmaj7 I was just a girl, in the fantasy Dmadd9 Dreamin that you would be good for me Am9 But now I see your greed Fmaj7 Now that I bleed Dmadd9 This time I'm gonna go set you free Pre-Chorus Chorus BRIDGE Am9 Fmaj7 Ate my heart in every way, Dmadd9 Lockin the cage Am9 Fmaj7 Starin at your prey Dmadd9 Can't get your way today Chorus INTRO (repeat to fade)

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