Sko & Torp

On a long lonely night

Sko & Torp

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On a long lonely night

	  		                    On a long lonely night. 
E                                  F#m                                  A 
I´ve been wondering where you - where you´re gone 
been such a long time 
and I´ve been living alone for way too long. 
E                      F#m                    A 
You been out all night fooling around  
with a bunch of bad guys 
                    B                               E 
you know I hate it when you not near. 
                          G#m                   A 
Well I miss you so much pretty lady 
you know that I do 
and I wish you´d come home 
but you´re not near 
how could you walk away 
             A                    G#m 
when i needed you so 
 A                           B 
now you make me cry 
on a long lonely night. 
I´ve been wondering how you- you could go 
just gone and left me baby 
you turned me on and then left me on my own 
when the light of the day 
breaks thrugh my window 
illuminating where you use to lay. 
F#m                                        C#   B G#  B  A 
I wonder if you´ll ever come back into my life 
 G#m                                           A 
I wonder where you´ve been so long 
                  F#m               A                       E 
don´t you miss me like I miss you little miss. 

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