Sinéad O'Connor

The Butcher Boy

Sinéad O'Connor

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The Butcher Boy

C          G7 
In Dublin Town 
where I did dwell 
A butcher boy 
Iloved so well, 
He courted me 
my life  away 
And now with me, 
he will not stay, 

G7 I wish I wish C But I wish in vain G7 I wish I was C A maid again? Am But a maid again Dm I ne'er can be G7 Till apples grow C On an ivy tree
She went upstairs To go to bed And calling to Her mother said Bring me a chair Till I sit down And a pen and ink Till I write down
I wish I wish But I wish in vain I wish I was A maid again But a maid again I ne'er can be TiII apples grow On an ivy tree
He went upstairs And the door he broke And found her hanging From her rope He took his knife And cut her down And in her pocket These words he found: "oh, make my grave Large, wide and deep Put a marble stone At my head and feet And in the middle A turtle dove So the world may know I died of love".

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