Sinéad O'Connor


Sinéad O'Connor

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Jackie left on a cold dark night, 
telling me she'd be home. 
Sail the seas for a hundred years, 
G              Dm 
Leaving me all alone. 

And I've been dead for twenty years, 
I've been washing the sand with my ghostly tears. 
C                                  Dm 
Searching the shores for my Jackie ohh, 

I remember the day the young men came, 
Said, "Your Jackie's gone, we got lost in the rain," 
      C                             Dm 
And I ran to the beach, and laid me down. 

"You're all wrong," I said, As they stared at the sand, 
"My woman knows that sea like the back of her hand, 
          C                          Dm 
She'll be back sometime, laughing at you." 

And I've been waiting for all this time, 
for my woman to come, take her hand in mine, 
    C                      Dm 
and lead me away to unseen shores. 

I've been washing the sand with my salty tears, 
searching the shores, these long years. 
         C                     Dm 
And I'll walk the sea, forever more. 

       C              Dm 
Till I find my Jackie oh, 
       C              Dm 
Till I find my Jackie oh, 
       C               Dm    C      Dm   C      Dm    C    Dm 
Till I found my Jackie ohhh, Jackie ohh, Jackie ohhh. 

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