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Sex freak Chords

Silence 4

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by destrudos

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Sex freak

  		Esta é uma música simples que consiste em 3 momentos: 
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Riff 1 Em G A E|--------------|--------------|--------------| B|--------------|--------------|--------------| G|-----------0--|-----------0--|-----------0--| D|--------2-----|--------0-----|--------0-----| A|-----2--------|-----2--------|-----4--------| E|--0-----------|--3-----------|--5-----------| Riff 2 D C A A E|--------------|--------------|--------------|-------------- B|-----------0--|-----------0--|-----------0--|-------------- G|--------0-----|--------0-----|--------2-----|--2-----2----- D|-----4--------|-----2--------|-----2--------|-----2----2\4- A|--5-----------|--3-----------|--0-----------|-------------- E|--------------|--------------|--------------|-------------- Riff 3 Em Em G Em Em G Em E|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------- B|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------- G|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------- D|--------------|--------------|------0--2-2--|--2-2-0--2-2--- A|--------------|--------------|------2--2-2--|--2-2-2--2-2--- E|-0-0-0-0-0-0--|-0-0-0-0-0-0--|--0-0-3^-0-0--|--0-0-3^-0-0---
Riff1 (Em G A) Everything I think ends up in sex Every little chance I have I use it Riff2 (D C A) After one is done I wonder who's next Riff1 (Em G A) And all the girls I see are all the girls I want Everytime I have has a specific purpose Riff 2 (D C A) I think that I am a freak of nature And after I do it I wanna do it I wanna do it again Riff3 (Em G Em) : fim -> G sucessivo I wanna do it, again Do it again I am freak I repeat I am a freak I repeat... Riff 1 (Em G A) If you let me lick the skin of your fingers I'll try to lick your skin 'till your bones Riff 2 ( D C A) How far are you Willing to go? Riff 1 (Em G A) What used to be inside me was love But now there's nothing nothing But this pain in my chest Riff 2 ( D C A) That it seems in get softer With sex And after, After I do it I wanna do it again Riff 3 (Em G Em) I wanna do it again I wanna do it again I am freak I repeat I am a freak I repeat... A freak -------aplicar riff 1, riff 2, riff3------------------- Come closer And after I do it I wanna do it I wanna do it again I wanna do it again I wanna do it again Again, again And again, and again, again, again, again, again Freak You're the freak I repeat Yes I need I am a freak I repeat, I repeat I am a freak A freak...

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