Shoji Meguro

Maze Of Life

Shoji Meguro

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Maze Of Life


E Bm A 
E A# A D 
E Bm A 
E A# A D 

Em Bm Am D 
C Bm A 
Bm C D 


Em                          G 
Ain't it great, how we met each other, 

         Em        C        Bm          
On this wild and crazy carousel of life? 

C                      Bm          Am 
Ain't it cool, how it changed the paths of... 

Our lives... 

     Dm              G 
Set us off on new adventures? 

C Am This carousel - takes us round and round! Bm Em This labyrinth of life, E G You can't tell up from down... C Havin' so much fun... Am Bm C We forget to check where this crossroad's takin' us, D But hey, here we come! C Am This carousel - spins us round so much! Bm Em Sometimes you don't know should... E G You stay on or get off? C It's only just begun... Am Bm A# Em Welcome to this wild Maze of Life!
Em Bm A D Em Bm A B A# A D

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