I'm Not Alright


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I'm Not Alright


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Intro Lick: |-12p10----10----10----10----10h12----12----12----12----| |-------10----10----10----10-------10----10----10----10-| |-------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------| Riff: |------------------------| |------------------------| |---------7------------9-| |---------7------------9-| |-0-0-0-0-5----0-0-0-0-7-| |-0-0-0-0------0-0-0-0---|
Verse 1: (D) All dressed up In a white straitjacket Shut your mouth No, you can't have it (G) Paper airplanes Open window (A) Here today (C) And gone tomorrow
(D) I like to stare at the sun And think about what I've done (F) (G) I lie awake in my great escape (D) I like crossing the line And slowly losing my mind (F) Are you ok (G) 'Cuz I feel fine
(Bb) Maybe it's me (D) I'm just crazy (Bb) (G) (D) Maybe I like that I'm not alright Riff Verse 2: (chords are same as verse 1) All messed up And slightly twisted Am I sick or am I gifted Paper airplanes Open window Here today And gone tomorrow Chorus Bridge: (Bb) (C) Wooo-ooh (D) I don't care if you apologize I can't lie (Bb) (C) Wooo-o0h I can't lie Chorus (Bb) (G) (D) Maybe I like that I'm not alright

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