Shiloh Dynasty

I'ii Keep You Safe

Shiloh Dynasty

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I'ii Keep You Safe

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Bm7 F#m7 C#m7 D7M E|----x---x----x---x------x----x-------------------| B|--7-x-7-x--9-x-9-x----9-x-9--x--10---------------| G|--7-x-7-x--9-x-9-x----9-x-9--x--11---------------| D|--7-x-7-x--7-x-7-x----9-x-9--x--11---------------| A|----x---x--9-x-9-x------x----x-------------------| E|--7-x-7-x----x---x--9---x-9--x--10---------------|
Bm7 F#m7 I'll keep your safe in these arms of mine Bm7 F#m7 C#m7 Hold on to me pretty baby and you'll see D7M I can be all you need

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chords Shiloh Dynasty - I'ii Keep You Safe
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