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Capo on 2nd fret

verse 1 
G          A 
So here we are 
G       A 
On the 'phone 
G       A 
Silence speaks 
G            A 
One thousand words 
G        A 
Where to start 
G       A 
I don't know 
G          A 
Where does love 
G       A 
Conquer all? 

C                                      G 
It's been a while since I've seen you smile 
C                       G 
Say the word I know the deal 
C                     G 
Say to me that you're okay 
Then I will go 
And let you sleep 

verse 2: Same chords as 1st verse 
They will know I'm always here 
Kiss them both and take good care 
Half this time we'll find our way 
Drift back to me, I'll do the same 


G       A            C 
I won't let us drift apart 
G            A                    C 
Give her the chance to change the past 
G             A               C 
Tear down the guard around my heart 
G            A                 C 
Give her the chance to make it last 

Chorus twice more. 
End on G. 

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