Sheryl Crow

Real Gone

Sheryl Crow

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by  NELS68

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Real Gone

	  		1st Verse Chords: Bm  EonB  Bm  AonB 

I'm American made, bought a large Chevrolet  
My momma taught me wrong from right  
I was born in the south  
Sometimes I have a big mouth  
When I see something that I don't like  
I gotta say it  

Well we?ve been driving this road  
For a mighty long time  
Payin' no mind to the signs  
Well this neighborhood's changed  
It's all been rearranged  
We left that change somewhere behind  

Bm D Slow down, you're gonna crash A Baby you were screamin' E It's a blast, blast, blast Bm D Look out babe you got your blinders on A Everybody's lookin' for a way E To get real gone
Bm E Bm A Bm E Bm A Real gone Real gone 2nd Verse Chords: Bm EonB Bm AonB There's a new cat in town He's got high paid friends Thinks he's gonna change history You think you know him so well Yeah you think he's so swell But he's just perpetuatin' prophecy Come on now Repeat Chorus A Bm E D A Bm E D A Bm E D A Bm E Ah Real gone Real gone Real gone Uh Harmonica solo: Bm E Bm A 3rd verse bass line only: B D E B D A Well, you can say what you want But you can't say it 'round here 'Cause they'll catch you and give you a whippin' Well I believe I was right When I said you were wrong You didn't like the sound of that Now did ya? Repeat Chorus Bm D Well here I come and I'm so not scared A Got my pedal to the metal E Got my hands in the air Bm D Well look out, you take your blinders off A Everybody's lookin' for a way E To get real gone Bm E Bm A Bm E Bm A Real gone Real gone Bm E Bm A Bm E Bm A Oh Real gone Real gone

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