Mama Knows


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Mama Knows

Capo on 1st fret
G   C    D    C    G    C    D    G  
G             D             C  
Me and Jimmy Chrowder and a single cigarette  
G                  D                C  
Crouched down in a stall out in the barn  
G           D             C   
Three puffs later we were sick as we could get  
G              D             C      D   (C  B bass lead)  
praying we get better before we got home  
Am                            D               (C  B bass lead)  
she saw me comin' through the back door screen  
Am          Em              C         D  
I knew the minute that she looked at me  
     G   C       G    C  
Mama knows, Mama knows  
G         Em                 C            D  
somehow I think she's got a window to my soul  
     G   C  G          C  
Mama knows, Mama knows  
Em           Am              C    D  
Even when I think it doesn't show  
     C                  G    C   D    C  
Mama knows, mama knows  
Verse 2  
Me and Becky Johnson ankle deep in ocean waves   
pants rolled up and hearts out on our sleeves  
both feelin' more than either one of us could say  
that first love let the sweetest memory  
Fifteen and shy I didn't tell a soul  
how is that Mama never has to be told  
Repeat Chorus  
Am                      D  
I wasn't home when Mama passed away  
I didn't get to say I love you  
D     E  
but I got this feelin'  
Repeat chorus (key change up one whole step)  


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