Ill Go Down Loving You


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Ill Go Down Loving You

	  		Key of Gb 
Intro:  Gb Db Gb Db 
	Gb		   Cb 
On the ropes and I'm goin' down swingin' 
	   Gb			Db 
A thread of hope, but I'm still hangin' on 
As the distance inbetween us grows 
And your silence feels like cuts and blows 
   Gb				Db 
I'm fightin' scared, but I'm not leavin' here 

Gb Cb Gb And if I lose, I'll go down loving you Db Cb Gb This thing's not through, I will fight 'til the end for you Cm Ebm Cb And if we win, if we start all over again Gb Db Gb No matter what we do, I'll go down loving you.
Db Gb Db Gb Cb People change, girl we're no different Gb Db Love is strange, you just never know Ebm When the feelings that you thought you've had Cb Turn inside out, from good to bad Gb Db I'll still be strong, and I'll be holdin' on.
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chorus solo: Gb Cb Gb Db |---6-6-7-7-9-9-6-7p6-----6h7-9-6(7)(6)p4- |-9-------------------9------------------- |-----------------------8----------------- |----------------------------------------- |----------------------------------------- |-----------------------------------------
and if we win.....(rest of chorus) Cb Gb Db Gb no matter what we do, I'll go down loving you Jason A. Wendtland

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