Shawn Mcdonald


Shawn Mcdonald

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(G D Am D) 
It's been so cold i can see my breath 
Feeling like winter inside my chest 
Hope that i can make it through today 
It's so easy to just forget 
The troubles that you've brought me through and yet 
I find it so hard to trust that you will stay 

(Am ) 
And i need to i need to remember 
Oh i need to i need to remember 

(Em C G D) 
You're faithful, even when i fall down 
Even when i go south you will always be 
Faithful, and i need you now, oh i need you now 
Every part of me 
You're faithful, you're faithful 
You're faithful, you're faithful 

(G D C D) 
What if i choose to just let go 
And let you take full control 
What if i finally trust that your love remains 

(C G D) 
Sometimes i feel like i'm way over my head 
And i lose you 
But i'm gonna do whatever it takes to stay 

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