Shawn James

The Thief And The Moon

Shawn James

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The Thief And The Moon

Intro: Em  G  B  Em 

Em                                 Am       C          Em 
Said the thief to the Moon"I'll extinguish your light soon 

             Am     C       G                          B                      Em 
I'll put an end to all the light that you shed on this world in its darkened state 

Em                                Am          C        Em 
Said the Moon to the Thief,  You know not of what you seek 
 Am       C        G                        B                                 Em 
You'll doom the world to wander the night with no light to guide the paths that men seek 

        Am C    Am                          Em 
Oh, but all the wealth in the world will be mine 
          Am    C  Am                    Em 
Without a means of defense for all those blind 
          Am C                        Em 
My very existence is a race to attain wealth 
 B                                                Em 
For the thief's only loyalty in life is to the devil and himself 

Em  G  B  Em 

                Am          D      Am           Em 
The earth will rise up and devour all that you are 
                    Am    D          Am           Em 
The skies will call forth thunderous storms from afar 
            Am             D                Am          Em 
When you're dead, there'll be no grave to remember your name 
         B                                                Em 
For your greed brings your end and there's no one but yourself to blame 

Em G B Em 

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