Shawn James

American Hearts

Shawn James

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American Hearts

Capo on 4th fret
	  		Original Song by A.a Bondy covered by Shawn James. 

Verse and Chorus are the same and simple to learn, therefore I have only written  
down chords to the First Verse and Chorus. 



Intro: C, Gadd11, C, F, Am, Gadd11, C (x2) 


First Verse: 

        C         Gadd11 
We were raised by wolves 
   C              F 
And we are still wild 
                    Am             Gadd11 
And we howl when the troubled wind blows 

           C         Gadd11 
And in the TV's blue light 
    C              F 
Oh, assassins will lie 
           Am      Gadd11 
If we just go down slow 

  F              Am 
So don't tread on me 
   Gadd11     C 
For I am your brother 
      F            Am       Gadd11 
I was born with an American heart 

   F               Am 
And don't tread on her 
   Gadd11        C 
For she is your sister 
        F            Am       Gadd11 
She was born with an American heart 

Second Verse: 

All the people you meet 
Down in the streets 
May be good but they don't wanna know 
So they cover their eyes, for 
Who wants to be sad? 
Life is sweet at the bottom of the sea 

(Repeat Chorus) 

Third Verse: 

All the mothers will cry, 
Fathers stay up all night 
With a chill that goes to the bones 
And if your God makes war 
Then he's no God I know 
'Cause Christ would not send boys to die 

(Repeat Chorus) 

Fourth Verse: 

Don't you get low as hell 
When the peace dove is felled 
By men with the blackest of minds 
And above the din 
Let the sighin' begin 
As we're bound for the longest of days 

(Chorus and End on C) 

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