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I Wish I Knew Chords

Sharon Van Etten

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by joaoewerton

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I Wish I Knew

E               A 
I wish I knew what to do with you, 
E                A               F#m 
But the truth is I ain't got a clue, 
A            E 
Do you? Do You? 

E                 A             F#m   
I wish I had an idea of what I need, 
A        F#m         B           A(barre chord)    G#m 
But we, oh we, can't know and that's okay, 
That's okay. 

A           E 
I wish you'd understand, 
E           A 
I wish that I could know, 
F#m            B       F#m      A 
The truth is I have no idea. 

E                A 
I wish we could just run around 
E               A           F#m 
And only worry about right now, 
A         F#m       B        E      F#m 
I hate to admit it but I don't know shit 
A                B           E 
And neither do you, do you, do you, 

          A       F#m 
And that is good enough  
For me, for you, for now,  
             A(barre chord) 
As long as we can talk about it. 

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