Shannon Lawson

Redneck Love Gone Bad

Shannon Lawson

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Redneck Love Gone Bad

	  		Shannon Lawson:áRedneck Love Gone Bad
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This is my first attempt at submitting a song, so please be kind. I know that it isn't exactly the same as the original, but it was close enough for me to have a lot of fun with it. Hopefully you will enjoy it too. I'd love for someone to submit another version that fits closer to the way it is on the CD.
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Do this riff before each verse. Or listen to the song and go from that. E A E She had trailer park charm E A E He carved her name in his arm A D A E Then he slept with a waitress from the bar E A E Then she took a chain to his car C Bb And broke the windows on the love they had, E now it's redneck love gone bad E A E He got all liquored up E A E Tried to hot-wire her truck A D A E The next thing he knew he was seeing stars E A E While her daddy kicked him all around the yard C Bb Oh what a night they had, E redneck love gone bad A D A 'round and 'round the blue lights go A D A E everybody?s smokin? and watchin? the show but it?s over now A D A There's twenty three versions of this story A D A E some say her love just drove that boy insane A E But to me it?s plain E Redneck love gone bad E A E He?s going with her mother now E A E Every Friday night they see them cruise through town A D A E A few months back she ran away E A E With a truck driver named Jose C Bb She's happy and he?s so glad E for redneck love gone bad A D A 'round and 'round the stories go A D A everybody?s laughin? and watchin? the show E A E But Ooooooh that is unless you?ve had E Redneck love gone bad

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