Shakey Graves

House Of Winston

Shakey Graves

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House Of Winston

Capo on 1st fret
Tuning: D A D G B e 

G6   G6   Bm 
A6   A6   Bm x2 

G6                          Bm   A6       Bm   G6 
And don't let your lipstick wear 
                      Bm   A6 
We'll make a swift escape 
Bm       G6                        Bm   A6       Bm  
Yeah, and use the rest to write it down 

Gm                                          Bm 
So that we can remember the way your father turned around 
To say, "Oh boy, just choose a side" 
          (X mute X) 
But I wanna waste your time 

G6   G6   Bm 
A6   A6   Bm 
(Yeah, I wanna waste your time) 

(X mute X)      (Open) 
Oh, into the night 

G6   G6   Bm 
A6   A6   Bm 

Then just repeat with: 

Oh, but don't let your lovin' show 
Oh, we'll find new home 
Yeah, and use the rest to build it up 

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