Shakey Graves

Big Time Nashville Star Feat Esme Patterson

Shakey Graves

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Big Time Nashville Star Feat Esme Patterson

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Tuning: Standard E e|--0-------------------------------------------------0----------------------| B|--0-------------------------------------------------0----------------------| G|--1-------------------------------------------------1----------------------| D|--2-------------------------------------------------2----------------------| A|--2------------0h2p0--------------------------------2----------------------| E|--0----0h2p0----------2p0---------------------------0----------------------| E FOLLOWED BY e|----------------------------------------------------0----------------------| B|------------------------2h3p2p0--2p0----------------0----------------------| G|--2h3p2p0--2p0-----------------------2p0------------1----------------------| D|----------------2p0---------------------------------2----------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------2----------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------0----------------------| E AND e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------2h3p2p0--------------------------------------------| G|--2h3p2p0--2p0-------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------2p0---------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------3p0-3p0------------------------------------|
A C#m E You might wander far B A# A Be a Big Time Nashville Star A C#m A Still it never hurts Bm A* G#* F#* E* Even when you do your worst
VERSO: E F#m Well I'm a wheel that's always turning, oh F#m E Well I always start out where I end E F#m And me, I'm like a fire that's always burning Bm A G# F# But oh, how, time, flies Bm A G# F# Right by the wayside REPEAT (Choruses change lyrics as well)

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chords Shakey Graves - Big Time Nashville Star Feat Esme Patterson
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