Souvenirs Of What We Have Created


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Souvenirs Of What We Have Created

Capo on 3rd fret



F7M        C                F7M 
  I am on here singing this song 
           C           G6          B4/E 
But you do not want to hear me anymore 
F7M      C        F7M   C     G6 
  You do not even want too__o know 
       Am       F7M      C     G6 
Of my existence you want to forget 

F7M        C 
  I do not know 
     F7M          C 
If I ask one more chance 
           F7M  G6 
To try to start over 
     Am    F7M C    G6     Am 
Everything we  have created 
Am    F7M   C  G6 
Today comes to remember 

( F7M  C ) 
( F7M  C ) 

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