Too Pure


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Too Pure


Eb x2, Gm, Bb 
repeat x4 

verse 1: 

Eb                         Cm       Bb 
Is something missing in my touch 

Eb                         Cm       Bb 
   A tension tugging at my smile? 

Eb                             Cm 
   If there's a right thing to say 

Bb                           Ab      Cm 
   I'm sure I missed it by a mile 

Bb                        Ab          Cm 
Swallowed in some detail, heavy in my blood 

  Bb                               Ab           Cm 
I wanna hold you close but I can't lift my arms -- up 

verse 2: 

Eb                            Cm          Bb 
   Is there a reason for this distance? 

Eb                                   Cm      Bb 
   More than the drug that floats my days 

Eb                     Cm        Bb 
   A nervous bug in my system 

Bb                        Ab       Cm 
   It keeps me edgy and ashamed 

Bb                         Ab               Cm 
   I've got a saint, never ever will forgive 

     Bb                            Ab                Cm 
That never understood me but still tells me how to live 

It fits when I stretch 

      Ab                   Cm Csus2 x7 
And I stretch because I can 

  Cm                Gm 
I stretch until I'm sore 

           Bb          Cm 
And then I open up for more 

Cm             Gm            Bb       Cm 
I do it out of habit, not addiction 

    Cm           Gm  Bb              Cm 
And if I give it up, -- clean out my blood 

Cm                Gm              Bb        Cm 
Will I still feel bored and disconnected? 

Cm                 Gm           Bb        Cm 
If I do it all for love, will I ever give enough? 

             Cm           Gm            Bb       Cm 
'Cuz you can never be too pure or too connected 

        Cm           Gm             Bb        Cm 
You can never be too pure or too connected 

        Cm           Gm 
You can never be too pure 

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