Sean Hayes

Innocent Spring

Sean Hayes

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Innocent Spring

	  		Cm                     D# 
Come on, come on, come on, come on baby 
A#               Fm 
It's time to dream 

Cm                      D# 
Rock me, rock me, rock me, rock me 
A#              Fm 
Rock me to sleep 

Cm             D# 
Joy, joy, joy, joy 
A#          Fm 
Joy to be 

Cm7              F 
Oh, innocent spring 
Cm7              F 
Oh, beautiful being 

           Cm      D#     A#     Fm 
Sweet baby sleep 

That's basically the whole song! Note that the Fm from the verses should be 
barred on the eighth fret and rooted on the A string. Sometimes you can walk 
up to the D# from the Cm by throwing in a D note for the root. Other than 
that, have fun! 

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