Seals and Crofts

East Of Ginger Trees

Seals and Crofts

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East Of Ginger Trees

Intro: Bm 
Go east of your dream and farm 
Let peace and silence spin your yarn 
     A          Em                     D                    Bm 
What harm can befall thee in yon wilderness of clove? 
Go on east of ginger trees 
Go soft and silent like the breeze 
     A               Em                  D                   Bm 
With ease be off and wander in yon wilderness of clove 
Go on past the goldenrods 
Where fools and angels lose their odds 
    A           Em                                  D        Bm 
And gods of our ancestors did immerse themselves in clove 
Go on toward the crimson shore 
Beyond this life of metaphors 
      A             Em                             D       
Where doors of understanding's house, decorates he them with clove 
   C                    Bb 
Be lions roaring in the forests of knowledge 
Ab                     G         Em 
Whales swimming in the oceans of life 
   D              C                 Bb        D Dsus2 D 
Prepare to meet Bahá'u'llá'h in the Garden of Clove____ 

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