Daddy's Girl


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Daddy's Girl

Sweet little child
You know nothing
but a cold world outside
your're too young to realize
what he wants from you tonight

Poor little girl
there is noone
you can trust in the world
in the darkness of the night
what he's doing is a crime

    A         G
Your mother denies
there's a problem
     F#        G  
she's looking away
A                      F#
she dont wanna hear you cry
she will pray
A                    Bm
then it's over for a while

Sweet little child ...

Your mother denies ...
   Em       Bm
An ocean of silence
   G             A
is drowning your heart
     Em           Bm 
what never should be
     G             A
will remain in the dark

Poor little girl...
Sweet little child...
Your mother denies...
An ocean of silence...
Sweet little child...

She is daddy's girl
Daddy's girl...

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