Be Love


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Be Love

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Intro: F Eb Bb  
   F                      Bb 
These days its hard to be, hard to let go, its hard to see 
It seems there?s always something 
   F                      Bb 
Trying to keep us down. War of a world turned upside down 
but I see love so sing it out. 
   F                       Bb 
This song is timeless, transcending the world and unscathed by violence 
I wont let them harden me 
   F                             Bb 
I know theres work to do, put my gloves on said I'll work with you 
   Eb                           C 
Cause I, know, we, can be the change 

Gm Bb Gm Bb Sometimes its hard, but it must be done F I'm gonna be love, I'm gonna birth strength Am F Gonna be where I'm at and give thanks Eb Take my time admit when I'm wrong Gm Write it all down and sing a new song F I'm gonna be free, gonna be me Am Cause I know that its all that I have to be Em Eb I'ma be bold, find strength there of F I'm gonna be Love
F I need my momma to tell me that everything is ok Eb I need my father to call me and say "remember to pray" Bb I need my brothers and sisters in different phases Gm Reminding me wherever I'm at, thats where my place is F Eb Bm I know I wont be here long, and I know that I'm often wrong, but I got this song Bm And I was meant to sing it, if you got one come bring it F Eb Bb Let go of hate and we'll co-create, a song that could heal the nations Bb No more waitin, twiddlin my thumbs but I lost my patience, F Time to unify cause thats where the strength is Eb I know its hard to be the change, with everything lookin so strange Bb Gotta stay hopeful, gotta make time to pray, Bb we need guidance if were gonna try to lead the way

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