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Love Of My Life Chords


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by carlluz

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Love Of My Life

Year: 1999 - Album: Supernatural

  		Intro: Gm7 D7 Gm7 D7 Cm7 Bb Eb7+ D7 

Gm7                Cm7          D7(b9) 
Where you are, is where I wanna be 
Gm7                             Cm7           D7(b9) 
And through your eyes, all the things I wanna see 
Gm7               Cm7        D7(b9) 
And in the night, you are my dream 
Gm7                  Cm7 D7 Cm Bb Eb7+ D7 
You're everything to me... 

Gm7             D7 
You're the love of my life 
Gm7            D7 
And the breath in my prayers 
Cm7            Bb 
Take my hand, lead me there 
Eb7+                D7 
what i need is you here 

Gm7                 Cm7          D7(b9) 
I can't forget the taste of your mouth 
Gm7                      Cm7        D7(b9) 
From your lips all the heavens pour out 
Gm7                 Cm7    D7(b9) 
I can't forget when we are one 
Gm7                      Cm7 D7 Cm Bb Eb7+ D7 
It's you alone and I am free... 

Gm7 G7/F Cm          D7         Eb7+ 
Ev--ry---day, every night, you alone 
            D7        Gm7 
You're the love of my life 

(Gm7 D7 Gm7 D7 Cm7 Bb Eb7+ D7) (2x) 

Gm7 G7/F Cm          D7         Eb7+ 
Ev--ry---day, every night, you alone 
            D7        Gm7 
You're the love of my life 

We go dancing in the moonlight 
With the starlight in your eyes 
We go dancing till the sunrise 
You and me we're gonna dance, dance, dance 

Solo: Gm7 Cm9 D7(b9) 

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h=hiton /=slide main riff: e|-----------------------------------------------| b|---------------------------------6-------------| g|-------------7--5-------------------8----------| d|---5--7--8---------7---5--7--8---------7-------| a|-----------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------| e|-----------------------------------------------------| b|-----------------------------------------------------| g|---------5--5--8--7---------7--5---------------------| d|---7--8--------------8--8---------5--5-5-5--4--5-5/7-| a|-----------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------| the verses are improvs to the main riff and the g pentatonic scale: e|---3-------6----------------------------------| b|---3-------6----------------------------------| g|---3-------5--(6)-----------------------------| d|---3-------5----------------------------------| a|---3--(4)--5----------------------------------| E|---3-------6----------------------------------| the other part "every day and every night..." is something similar to this: e|-------------------------------------------------| b|-------------------------------------------------| g|--------------10--8-----5/7--5-------------------| d|----8--9--10---------7-----------5--5-5-8-7-5-5--| a|-------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------|

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