Ryan Toohey

Saturday Night Blues

Ryan Toohey

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Saturday Night Blues

	  		Saturday Night Blues >> Ryan Toohey 
Tabbed by Lee Brown 
I think this is pretty much perfect. If not, fix it up. I didn't tab the solo. 
E, G, D, A 
E           G              D                 A  
I was alive, I was alive when the morning let go of the moon 
E              G               D                         A 
Coz I could reside I could reside to your side with no more left to lose 
E                G                  D                               A  
You tried to confide, tried to confide all your thoughts but no lies to yourself amuse 
E           G           D         A 
Im not as full of the grace as you presume 
E          G            D                        A 
I dunno why, I dunno why I lied but you were somethin I couldn't lose 
E            G              D                     A  
Hey baby did I, baby did I say or do something you could not excuse 
E                G                 D                     A 
you made me think somethin, that perhaps I could never think again 
E             G                      D           A 
but in my head now I'd probly be somewhere, I surely did not intend 
E              G                 D                            A 
So what if i tried, what if i tried to concede to the thoughts that would conclude 
E              G                 D                        A 
that it was a lie, baby will I know somethin you were tryin to prove 
E                  G                D              A 
parked in your drive way, with no more than a surf mag to peruse 
E                G                  D              A 
It all came clear now, I needed a beer, to ignite my saturday night blues 


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