Ruth Buchanan

Rock Of Ages

Ruth Buchanan

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Rock Of Ages


Verse 1 

D             G         A 
Rock of Ages, Cleft for me, 
D             G       A 
Let me hide myself in Thee. 
Bm      A      G       G 
Let the waters and the blood, 
Bm        A       G          G 
From your wounded side which flowed. 
Bm     A       G          
Be for sin the double cure, 
D                   A         D 
Cleanse me from its guilt and power. 

Verse 2

D              G     A   
Not the labors of my hands, 
D                G     A 
Can fulfill your law's demands. 
Bm       A       G       G 
Could my zeal no respite know, 
Bm       A       G     G 
Could my tears forever flow, 
Bm      A         G    
All for sin could not atone; 
D                  A    D 
You must save, and you alone. 

Verse 3

D             G      A 
Nothing in my hand I bring, 
D              G       A 
Simply to your cross I cling. 
Bm    A       G       G 
Naked come to You for dress, 
Bm       A       G       G 
Helpless look to You for grace, 
Bm         A       G 
Stained by sin, to You I cry. 
D                A    D 
Wash me, Savior, or I die. 

Verse 4

D                 G        A 
While I draw this fleeting breath; 
D               G        A 
When my eyelids close in death; 
Bm     A            G      G 
When I soar through realms unknown, 
Bm    A        G         G 
Bow before the judgement throne, 
Bm      A        G 
Hide me then, my refuge be, 
D             A         D 
Rock of Ages, Cleft for me.  

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