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	  		Intro: Bm Am x2 

verse 1: 
Bm                                       Am 
I?m sorry but it?s time to leave you now. 
I?m sorry but it?s time to leave 
To go our separate way it seems 
Em                  D Bm   
To find the dreams. 

verse 2: 
Bm                                         Am 
I?m sorry but it?s time to catch the trip. 
Bm                                   Am  
I?m sorry but it?s time to catch the train that takes me far away 
To see if I?m allowed to say 
(D)That it?s OK. 

G                                  A 
Leaving doesn?t mean that it?s the end. 
G                                  D      A        G                  Bm 
Leaving doesn?t mean we should not talk about what we planned for our world. 

Break: Bm Am 

verse 3: 
Bm                                     Am 
I?m sorry but the train?s rolling away. 
Bm                                 Am 
I?m sorry but the glass is fogging up 
I cannot see your face. 
     Em          D Bm 
It?s empty space. 

verse 4: 
Bm                                 Am 
I?m sorry but the sun?s going down. 
Bm                                    Am                  
I?m sorry but the beams don?t fill my heart with all its endless grace 
  Em            D Bm    Am 
I lost my place. 

Break: Bm Am. C D G x2. C D G F#/G Em. Bm Am 

Bm                                    Am   (strum)Bm 
I promise to come home again some day. 

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