Rush of Fools

When Our Hearts Sing

Rush of Fools

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When Our Hearts Sing

	  		Intro: Em C G G 

        Em        C2          G     G 
You are more than what we can sing 
        Em      C2          G 
You are God and nothing we bring 
Is fit for a King 
    C2            G        D/F#    Em 
So, search us and know deep in our souls 
C2  Em    D/F# 
We praise You 

Am Em C2 G You are infinite worth Am Em When we?ve not the words C C Our hearts will sing Am Em C2 G We are here on the earth Am Em And somehow we ?re heard C (INTRO 2X) (2ND TO BRIDGE) When our hearts sing to You
VERSE 2 Em C2 G G You are more than words on our lips Em C2 G We are poor, with nothing to give Em But, we want to bring C2 G D/F# Em C2 Em D/F# More than the song we sing to praise You, we praise You Chorus 1X THEN BRIDGE: C C G/B Em (you) It?s You we engage D/F# G It?s You we embrace Am Em C2 G (Am Em C2 G {PAUSE}) When our hearts sing Chorus

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