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Pretty Woman (ver. 3) Chords

Roy Orbison

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by Michi1960

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Pretty Woman (ver. 3)

  		             A                          F#m 
1. Pretty woman, walking down the street,   
              A                             F#m                       D   
    pretty woman, the kind I'd like to meet, pretty woman.   
    I don't believe you, you're not the truth,   
                                      E7         E 
    no one could look as good as you.   
           A                               F#m 
2. Pretty woman, won't you pardon me,   
            A                             F#m           
    pretty woman, I couldn't help but see,    
              D                                E   
    pretty woman, that you look lovely as can be,   
                            E7        E 
    are you lonely just like me.    
Dm                       G7                  C                     Am   
    Pretty woman, stop a while,    pretty woman, talk a while,   
Dm                     G7                      C                   Am 
    pretty woman give your smile to me.   
Dm                      G7                          C                    Am   
    Pretty woman, yeah yeah yeah,    pretty woman look my way,   
Dm                     G7                          C                    A 
    pretty woman say you'll stay with me_________ee. 
                 F#m             Dm              E 
   'Cause I need you,     I'll treat you right.   
     A                    F#m   Dm           E 
    Come with me baby, be mine tonight.   

            A                      F#m 
3. Pretty woman, don't walk on by,   
            A                      F#m 
    pretty woman, don't make me cry,   
              D                      E       E7    E 
    pretty woman.   Don't walk away, hey.   
     E                 E                         
    OK.      If that's the way it must be, OK.   
     I guess I'll go on home, it's late,   
    there'll be tomorrow night, but wait !    
     E       E7    E    
    What do I see ?   
    Is she walking back to me,   
    Yes,        she's walking back to me.   
     E           E7     E             A 
    Oh,____woh,         pretty woman.  


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