Rou Gravitas Confirmed

The Karaethon Cycle

Rou Gravitas Confirmed

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The Karaethon Cycle


Intro: Am Em D Em (3x) 

Intro Verse: Optionally Spoken 
Am                                                    Em 
And it shall come to pass that what men made shall be shattered, 
D                                                 Em 
and the Shadow shall lie 'cross the Pattern of the Age, 
Am                                                    Em 
and the Dark One shall once more lay his hand upon the world of man. 
D                    Em                Am                               Em 
Women shall weep and men quail as the nations of the earth are rent like rotting cloth. 
Am                     C 
Neither shall anything stand or abide... 


Am                            Em 
One shall be born to face the Shadow, 
D                             Em 
born once more as he was born before, 
Am                       Em 
and shall be born again, time without end. 
Am                  C 
The Dragon shall be Reborn, 
Am                            Em 
and there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. 
D                                Em 
In sackcloth shall he clothe the people, 
Am                                        Em 
and he shall break the world again by his coming, 
D                          Em 
tearing apart all ties that bind. 
Am                               Em 
Like the unfettered dawn shall he blind us, 
D                                       Em 
yet shall the Dragon Reborn confront the Shadow, 
Am                      Em 
and his blood shall give us the Light. 
D                     Em 
Let tears flow, O ye people. 
Am               C 
Weep for your salvation. 

Am Em Twice and twice shall he be marked, D G twice to live, and twice to die. Once the heron, to set his path. Twice the heron, to name him true. Once the Dragon, for remembrance lost. Twice the Dragon, for the price he must pay.
Verse: Am Em And it shall come, in the days when the Dark Hunt rides, D G when the right hand falters and the left hand strays, Am Em that mankind shall come to the Crossroads of Twilight, D G and all that is, all that was, and all that will be Am Em shall balance on the point of a sword, Am C while the winds of the Shadow grow. Chorus Verse: Am Em Twice dawns the day when his blood is shed. D Em Once for mourning, once for birth. Am Em Red on black, the Dragon?s blood D Em stains the rock of Shayol Ghul. Am C D Em In the Pit of Doom shall his blood free men from the Shadow.

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chords Rou Gravitas Confirmed - The Karaethon Cycle
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