I Know How Your Halo Fell


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I Know How Your Halo Fell

Intro: F, C 

verse 1: 
You wake up in the morning, You punch the clock 
Before you ever rub your eyes 
And all the breath you're taking in 
Is spent up on some distant longing sighs 
Remember when we traded in our dreams for drabbest gray 
For dresses and these stupid suits and ties? 

F                  G 
I know that you've had enough 
C                 F 
I know that we've both grown up 
Am                    C               G 
But something sweet inside of you has died 

C E I know how your halo fell F C G I saw you bid your heart farewell C E7 Put a seal across lips you thought that you would never tell F C G But I know how your halo fell
verse 2: F Down... town is miserable C Blocking out these periwinkle skies F And somewhere in the midst of this C You bite your lip and say your sad goodbyes F G I am not the best with words C F I wish I had a better speech Am C I know that there's all the reason G In the world for you to hate me
F C G Corazon this sacred heart of Jesus Christ F C G It tells you that he loves you more than F C F thirst compels us all to ever wet our lips C G F If you could only hear...listen
C, E, F, C, G Chorus C, G F, C

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