Roots and Leaves

Best Is Yet To Come

Roots and Leaves

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Best Is Yet To Come

Intro:  E - C#m - B - A  

E 						C#m  
Time and time again you fall short  
		B 			                                           A  
You're close but you never get to where you want to be   

E 								C#m  
Chasing the image that's setting in your dreams  
	B					     A  
But obstacles are always in your way  

E This is where I start C#m Where the old me ends B A I'll be stronger than, I've ever been before E I'm not giving up C#m Too close to turn back now B I will climb and climb, A until I reach the top//
verse 2: E C#m Time and time again, I will fight B A Through the ashes, I will never feel the same E C#m I'm dreaming of mountains abundant in the skies B A Sometimes I will see you smile but only in my mind C#m A You said I'm not the type of person that I could have been E B so for you I'm chasing, something oh so far Chorus: Bridge: C#m - B - A - A C#m You see the storm is raging on B Huge waves are tumbling along A This boat I'm stranded on A/F# B/G# But there's a way I'll still hold on C#m Past the dark clouds there is a light B/G# so I will fight with all my might, I will A/F# You see, I know, Oh I believe A The best is yet to come!

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