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Lost In The Fifties Chords

Ronnie Milsap

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by larrymurphysr

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Lost In The Fifties

	  F                      Fmaj7/5+ 
Close your eyes, baby, follow my heart, 
Bb                    Gm7/5- 
Call on the mem'ries, here in the dark. 
F                   G 
We'll let the magic take us away, 
Gm7                    C               C+ 
Back to the feeling we shared when they'd play: 
       F            Dm             Bb               C 
In the still of the night, hold me darling, hold me tight. 
    F                      Dm                 Bb       C 
Oh, shoo-doop, shoo-be do. shoo-doop, doo; so real, so right 
Lost in the fifties tonight 
F                     Fmaj7/5+ 
These precious hours, we know we can't survive. 
Bb                      Gm7/5- 
Love's all that matters while the past is alive. 
F                   G 
Now and for always, till time disappears, 
Gm7                       C      C+ 
We'll hold each other whenever we hear: 


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