Ron Sexsmith

I'm Alone But Thats Okay

Ron Sexsmith

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I'm Alone But Thats Okay

	  		         G          C                  
When I found you I found myself    
G                           A                           
I was gonna love you like nobody else   
Am                  D    
But I never really had a clue   
Am             D   
How to love a girl like you   
G                   C           
Two true believers we devise    
G              A                    
A temporary paradise    
Am               D   
Now our future's in the past    
Am            D                 G  C   
I should've known it wouldn't last   
D                        C    G    
I should have been the better man   
Em                      F     C    
You could have been a better friend    
D               C     G    
I'm alone but that's okay    
Em                    F         C   G   
Guess the dice just rolled that way 

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