Ron Hamilton

The Secret Place

Ron Hamilton

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The Secret Place


G                   D 
I've found a secret place  
   C             G 
of comfort and release; 
  C                G 
A special place of healing,  
  Am             D 
a quiet place of peace. 
    G            D 
And everyone who dwells there  
      C                  G 
finds rest beneath God's wings. 
       C              G 
In the shade of His pavilion 
    Am                 D7 
new strength he always breathes. 

       G            Em 
I find hope; I find grace. 
     C                      D 
Far away from the world's embrace. 
            G                 Em 
He gives me rest, He keeps me safe; 
           C                    D   D7 
I find His strength; I seek His face 
In the secret place. 

   G              D 
In every trial He brings 
    C                G 
 my Lord will make a way 
   C              G 
To comfort and protect me;  
   Am                D 
to help me face each day. 
   G                    D 
He leads me through the valley  
   C              G 
to draw me closer still, 
        C           G 
Knowing even in the shadows  
  Am               D7 
I find His perfect will. 

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