Roman Lewis

Mindless Town

Roman Lewis

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Mindless Town

Written by Roman Lewis

verse 1 
  D         G            D                G 
A place like no other is said to be out there 
D           G           D                G 
Like beauty undercover, like dignified despair 
 D           G                 D                G 
It holds the key to reason, it leads you to the truth 
D       G                    D             G 
All you hear is laughter, it sheds eternal youth 
D                   G           D                G 
 When nothing seems to glimmer, you see a sudden spark 
D                G          D                 G 
And when things go to dark, you see it even clearer 
D            G                D              G 
 This place isn's a dream, surreal as it may seem 
A               G                  A        D 
 So when i'm feeling down, I go to mindless town 

D G A 

verse 2 
D             G                     D               G 
They tell me she's got cancer, the one who gave me life 
D               G                D                 G 
 Don't offer them an answer instead just give em' strife 
 D            G                       D              G 
I don't know why im frightened i've got my secret place 
D          G                               D                    G 
  But I too will be enlightened that the best stairway's been misplaced 
D            G                          D              G 
  I push out sounds sounds of anger and lust to find it again 
D        G                D               G 
 But I no longer feel the will to see the end 
D            D7                   G  D7              D      A 
And now i'm at my lowest and the good times have all gone, gone 
                             A                          D 
And now that i'm forever down, I wanna stay in mindless town 

verse 3 
Let me in 
Let me shout 
Let me say that i'm alive again 
D        G 
  Let me win 
     A                  G 
Come along, teach me how to love again 
D         G               Bm 
  Show me peace, peace of mind 
Show me more than I will ever find 
D        Bm              A 
  Too much then, take it out 
Make me sane enough to cope without you 
D         A 
my mindless town 

D Bm D 

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