Roger Waters


Roger Waters

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	  		D              G 
Breathe in the air 
E                                                 A 
Make for the meadow and savour the grass while it lasts 
D      G 
By and by 
E                                         A 
Shadowy fingers of industry reach for the sky 
D                                       G 
Brick upon brick, stone upon stone they grow 
E                                       A 
Choking the atmosphere oh so incredibly slowly 
D                                            G 
Sulfur and carbon and hydrogen sulphide and lime 
D                                          G 
Fever corrosion and cover your cities with grime 
D                                         G  A 
Something is killing the land before your eyes 
And the sunshine 
is not to blame 
             D                        G 
Could be the insane inhumane games we play 
A      D 
Day by day 

D          G 
Riddle and fool 
E                                A 
Mushrooming home in a crowd, I'm alone 
D                   G 
Close your eyes lie still 
E                                    A 
You are a mountain stream and I am a hill 
D        G 
Far, far away  
E                                                 A 
There is a field of blossom and bees and new mown hay 
D              G 
Breathe in the air  (x4) 

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