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It's A Long Way To Mexico Chords

Roger Creager

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by eskipii

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It's A Long Way To Mexico

There's a warm breeze blowing  
From the South so I need to get going 
G                                      D 
The palm trees and the beaches call my name 
There's a bar that I know well there 
You can drink and breathe in the sea air 
G             D                 G 
lay in the sun and dance in the rain 
D                       C              D 
The kind of place where everyone knows your name 
G I've got music on the stereo Em Bluebonnets on the passing road F C D D/C D/B D/A It's a long way to Mexico, but I'm going there tonight G Line the Margaritas up Em I'm doing 90 in my pick-up truck F C D It's a long way to Mexico
I know about this out-of-the-way place You can disappear without a trace Leave the world behind if only for a while You could just get rolling see the winding road Unfolding feeling better with every passing mile Even the getting there makes me smile Chorus Bridge Em Bm It's a place of Senoritas and where Mariachis sing C I know happiness abounds there D G It's a place where I'll soon be Chorus

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